Sony Mobile Xperia X Series is featured in famed Arab Star Angham’s latest music videos

Famed Egyptian singer, record producer and actress Angham has chosen to feature Sony Mobile's latest Xperia smartphones in her highly creative and emotional new music videos. The first video of the two part series, "Hetta Nassa" makes use of the Sony Xperia X and the second, "Bein El Benen," relies upon the Sony Xperia XA Ultra during key moments of the script. The highly anticipated music videos from the regional music star will be released in September, 2016.

The tale told by the two music videos is of a music store owner (Angham) who passes through various facets of a relationship with her admirer, from the initial connection, the birth of a romance and on to her wedding day. The Xperia phones play an important role in the growth and maturing of the relationship between the couple and are central to the story as it unfolds.

Angham has collaborated with Sony Mobile in the past on her 2014 musical creation, 'Ahy Gatt'. Her creative and emotional new music videos "Hetta Nassa" and "Bein El Benen" were filmed in Lebanon and were directed by Hassan Ghadar.

Gita Ghaemmaghami, Regional Marketing Communications Manager, Sony Mobile MEA, said: "We were quick to identify the emotional appeal of the two new Angham music videos, as they resonate well with the young generation. The music videos have captured a vast range of emotions in their relationship and we are delighted that significant and critical moments are uniquely captured through the excellent features of Xperia X and Xperia XA Ultra."

Angham, added: "My association with Sony Mobile has been a highly engaging and pleasurable experience. I am very excited about the new videos and hope the audience will appreciate them. We have emphasized emotional as well as artistic themes in the latest videos and these are translated beautifully by the smartphones."

Sony Mobile's cutting-edge developments and innovations are clearly visible in its latest collection. The Xperia X series is crafted to make consumers' life easier and enrich it through its awe-inspiring features. It has been designed to sync perfectly with the user's life, anytime and anywhere. It adds new layers of intelligent technology to Sony mobile smartphones features: camera, battery, and design, to make every day smarter, yet simpler.

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