Porsche Boxster S

Paramount in Class!

"Once a Badge, Now a Porsche"

"Hottest Boxster Ever"

If I go back to when the first generation Boxster (986) was launched in 1997, I was still in school at that time. I used to perceive the Boxster as a shy Porsche. And when the second generation Boxster (987) came out in 2005, it was slightly better. Why is that? Well no offense, but honestly both generations felt like a regular sports car holding the Porsche badge. The 911 Carrera was, is and will always be Porsche’s emblem.

Driving Impressions
What I drove in Stuttgart, the hometown of Porsche, was the all-new third generation Boxster (981). I though "WOW", which I usually avoid declaring, ironically speaking!

My ride began from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart City. I was handed a Boxster S equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox transmission, which was really fun to drive. We went to the perfect location to test the car - the worst back roads of the famous Black Forest.

The new Boxster comes in two costumes: Straight 6 Boxster with 2.7 liters, 265 hp and the S version with 3.4 liters, 315 hp. The fundamental format is still the same: fabric roof, two-seat roadster with a mid-mounted flat-six and rear-wheel drive. Both manual and PDF transmissions are offered. Manual comes with 6-speed and the PDF with 7-speed. Although I fell in love driving the manual transmission, the Boxster S PDK was far-fetched. The ride was quite clearly suppler than before, and the PDK dual-clutch gearbox has been improved. The Boxster S actually weighs some 35 kg less than the old version, even with the heavy PDK box.

The engine is remarkable. I felt stodgier at low revs than I experienced in the basic 911 Carrera at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. And getting the revs rotating is an incredible reward, with a starving scream and a craving to pull through the RPMs. Whatsoever the engine’s speed, I noticed the amazingly eager choke response which is a superb benefit; Porsche has not taken the turbo path like numerous rivals have, and most of my disappointment is from the sound of the BMW M5…

The most unbelievable thing about the Boxster is that the roof operates in just 9 seconds and you can open and close it at around 58 kph.

What about the Chassis?
The length goes up by 29mm, the width stays the same, while the Boxster sits 11mm lower, helping to reduce the centre of gravity by 7mm. The wheelbase is 60mm longer which is better for driving dynamics and comfort. The base of the windscreen sits 40mm further forward from the car’s centre point, giving a more cab-forward carriage, while the overhangs are reduced and the driver’s seat is positioned 10mm closer to the ground. The body is 40% more rigid than before, and the weight of the basic Boxster is less by 35 kg to 1310 kg regardless of the increased dimensions.

Porshephiles, here we are. The new Boxster is out, so what are you waiting for? It is currently an authentic Porsche not only holding the badge but also imposing by its look and its definitive driving experience. Switchable drive modes make the Boxster several cars in one with outstanding performance, practicality and comfort. Finally, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

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